SheShe is a ‘virtual agency’ of freelancers, designers, developers, specialists, engineers, artists and producers of all things digital, under the direction of founder Sheila Urbanoski.

sculpture by BT Foo (Brett Taylor)We offer a simpler approach to project delivery.

We are a highly select group of freelancers, scattered all over Europe. Each of us has a particular specialisation and interest, so that we are able to offer the best and brightest in innovation with our combined wealth of experience in outstanding user-centred delivery. SheShe avoids the high overhead costs of brick-and-mortar agencies with permanent staff: a saving we can pass on to our clients.

Sheila Urbanoski directs all projects and reduces time impact on both clients and freelancers – another way to save cost and resources. The development and design teams can focus on their work, assured that they get the direction that they need to excel. And the clients get a plain English demystified product that fulfils their requirements with maximised budget and low stress.

SheShe runs a massively successful mentoring programme, working with 24 people annually of all ages all over the world. Our minions have gone on to roles in retail, aviation, government, banking, design agencies, sports teams, and more. And all we ask is that they mentor someone, too.