Sheila Urbanoski founded SheShe in 2008 to offer a simpler, more pragmatic approach to digital project delivery and production. Being a virtual agency we avoid the high overheads of brick-and-mortar agencies: a saving we can pass on to our clients.

We like to keep things simple at SheShe. Founder Sheila Urbanoski does the management, to reduce time impact for both clients and the production team. The development, UX and design teams can focus on their work with a clear understanding of what needs doing. And clients get a plain English product delivery experience with maximised budget and low stress.

SheShe has a core group of experts on call, scattered across Europe, each with a particular specialisation. Our combined wealth of experience means we are able to offer the best and latest in innovation and user-centred delivery.

Our clients in the public, charity, third and private sectors work with us on projects from small scale websites to multi-million pound, multi-year system deliveries. .

We excel in delivering projects on time and on budget and offer proven creative, user-centred and superior technical solutions, always.

Not to say we don’t do little projects. We have a soft spot for small businesses, artists, charities and those who work hard to make the world better.

SheShe runs a popular mentoring programme with people of all ages who are looking to work in the digital world. Our minions have gone on to roles in retail, aviation, government, banking, design agencies, sports teams, and more

About Sheila Urbanoski

Sheila left the Saskatchewan family farm for a pretty successful career as an artist during her first stint at university. Having discovered programming through editing video and burdened with an arts degree, she shifted her educational focus to engineering. And along the way, became an extremely early adopter of the internet.

Although technology is in the foreground, art is always in the background and she continues to meld the two disciplines in her career.  She moved to London in 1998 to work for Razorfish as Head of Interface Development and has been based there since. After leaving the agency world, Sheila focused on technical project management as a consultant, later founding SheShe to work with others who also love building stuff.