Six at-risk native mobile app project delivery

Condé Nast had a series of six mobile native apps Рa relatively new venture for this major global publishing group Рthat had missed multiple deadlines and business requirements. SheShe worked remotely with the teams based in New York, London and Bangalore (India) to take over the project and ensure their delivery. The products were being developed by in-house, near and off shore teams managed by internal staff in New York and London. They were part of a broader tranche of mobile projects for the American and EMEA markets being produced at the time*. The apps were scoped as full-featured native builds with extensive haptic interactivity, but delivery efforts were hindered by a lack of required skills.  SheShe was brought in to rescue the project with Sheila appointed as an Interim Mobile Project Director to lead on the immediate delivery of the six projects, while also consulting with management on an effective delivery process going forward. All six projects were recovered, and successfully delivered to requirements that were sufficient for business needs. (*please note that due to the sensitive and commercial nature of these products, examples cannot be provided here)