new Healthwatch design

Build and launch of the digital programme for Healthwatch England (now CQC) plus white-label software package for English councils.

This large patient-advocacy government agency was meant to lead the way for the 152 regional offices throughout the country.
However, the original Healthwatch website¬† was not responsive, cluttered, hard to use and not visually appealing. The websites were administered by a difficult content management system (CMS), they were not accessible or WAI compliant and did not work on mobile devices.¬†Sheila worked in-house for this project to address the issues with the Healthwatch digital presence. She assembled an in-house team to completely rewrite the original Healthwatch website content and then SheShe designed, built and implemented a new website build with a Drupal CMS. Once complete, SheShe was commissioned to produced the new design and platform as a white-labelled ‘website in a box’ that was rolled out to to all of the 112 Healthwatch England council partners. This entailed SheShe building out the projects for the Councils, or working with their in house or third party teams to ensure the programme was developed correctly. You can see the Healthwatch National website here