Paul Antonio Scribe Ltd is a studio of calligraphers, hand lettering artisans and graphic designers working with both the traditional and the latest innovations in letterform crafts, tools and techniques.

The original website had an awkward navigation model, a dated look and feel and carried very dense blocks of text. The work produced in the studio, the range of services and classes offered were emphasised and made prominent in the new site. SheShe rewrote content to make it shorter and sweeter. Adding good social linking and the twitter feed with current, timely content like Classes and Events keeps the site fresh. And most importantly we emphasised the beautiful graphic nature of the calligraphy as well as the services the client provides. SheShe created a website and content management system (CMS)  to reflect the beauty of the calligraphy practice, added SEO features rebuilt the system end to end using WordPress as a simple solution for a busy team that was unfamiliar with technology. You can view the website here.