Long-term and repeat projects with IRC, a leading international water and sanitation health (WASH) NGO based in The Hague (ongoing)

In 2014 SheShe delivered a rethink of the IRC digital offering from the ground up with a complete rebuild of the architecture, visual design and user experience of their online products. In 2018, SheShe was commissioned again to redesign the website and relaunch the platform. In 2019 we delivered a Dashboard system for IRC that lets staff from around the world report and track progress on their projects.

We produced all aspects of these projects from end to end. We worked with stakeholders and committees to write requirements and business cases, then led scoping, design, build, testing and delivery of the new mobile-optimised website and open-source platform. As this was a massive cultural change for the organisation, this needed to be handled in a sensitive manner but within tight timelines. SheShe needed to bring the internal staff on board and did so successfully. A particular challenge was the migration of over 15,000 pages of complex legacy content in five languages, often of a highly technical nature. Sheila was asked to join the Digital Board for IRC in 2015.

SheShe also went on to deliver various smaller projects for other WASH agencies in Africa and Europe: Public Finance for WASH, Sanitation Challenge for Ghana, WASH Agenda for Change, MUS Group, the WASH Toolkit etc. in addition to the large builds mentioned above.

See the IRC website here

Before and After: Original IRC website > 2014 SheShe build > 2018 SheShe Build:

full Old IRCfull new IRC

Multiple projects for Mundibiopharma: including delivery of a new brand, website and management system for Mundipharma’s latest release Penthrox

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Mundipharma hired SheShe to create an online presence for their new product line, a new hand-held inhaler containing an analgesic dose of methoxyflurane. See www.penthrox.eu. Upon completion of this initial project, Mundipharma hired SheShe to develop the digital presence for the launch of products in the European market. Our remit was expanded to include platform development, video production and content creation – taking on the full end-to-end production for these markets. See www.penthrox.ch. Note that three other projects are behind firewall protection and are not for public domain.

The Royal Academy of Engineering Interactive Tool for the prestigious Africa Prize

Sheshe was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering for a second time after the successful launch of the Enterprise Hub (our first commission with RAEng). This new project required the an online interactive tool to feature the shortlisted entrants, finalists and winners of the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Entrants can be reviewed by engineering category, country, year and UN Sustainable Development Goal in a beautiful, branded and easy to use way.  View the interactive map tool here

The Royal Academy of Engineering commissioned SheShe to produce a new brand, online presence and management system for their Enterprise Hub.

An integral part of the project was to engage with Mentors and Members of the world wide engineering community. A key element was to rebuild their online offering. SheShe worked closely with the Board and stakeholders to gather business requirements and build a new framework for RAEng. The project incorporated members-only areas, booking systems, new content. a brilliant new design and user experience on an open-source platform. See www.enterprisehub.raeng.org.uk

Ortivin international media marketing campaign for Novartis

Sheila worked as a consultant Senior Project Manager on the delivery of the Novartis Switzerland product Otrivin. This project entailed the delivery of digital and television marketing campaigns (see video below) and focussed on the UK, EU and Russian markets. The restrictions around pharmaceutical products in the various country markets presented a particular challenge. The campaigns were on time and successful.

THINKTANK UK: custom marketing and focus group software with multilingual, multi project capability.

UX and IA (User Experience and Information Architecture) Consultancy for the Royal Opera House website rebuild and relaunch.

The Royal Opera House needed to freshen their website and online offerings to reflect the increasing use of mobile by their audience and membership. SheShe partnered with the primary digital agency to provide UX and IA input and guidance to ensure that the website was useful, usable and accessible. See www.roh.org.uk


Custom warehouse and stock tracking online software

Margo Selby Studio is an UK-based company that designs and produces contemporary woven textiles including fabrics, rugs and accessories. They have a burgeoning world wide market with a multi-currency multi-language client base. SheShe produced a custom Drupal-based internal stock management system to track and process in-store, online and over the phone sales. It is also a warehouse management system used to monitor stock and production traffic. Additionally the system needed excellent design and had to be intuitive and easy to use for staff with nominal training. See www.margoselby.com

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) custom software to calculate and track water and sanitation services for refugees in urgent, short and long term refugee situations. 

SheShe designed and delivered a Data Visualisation Software Tool for on and offline use that integrated with the global UNHCR data and statistic systems. The Tool had to work on a range of systems from low-end offline laptops to mobiles to mainframes.  It was primarily for use in the field: in obscure locations with little or no internet access in the middle of highly stressful situations and for tracking and reporting by the offices in Geneva and New York.

Greenpeace Canada website refresh consultancy

Consultancy with Greenpeace Canada to refresh and revive this major charity’s online presence, to focus on Canadian issues. Plus ensure content in French and English were aligned and that the platform for content management was effective for both language users

UNESCO: end-to-end build of a new online ‘community of practice’ service for sub-Saharan Africa

UNESCO commissioned SheShe to deliver an online community of practice for people wanting to freely collaborate, share knowledge and build local radio communities. This was a mobile-first Q&A platform that needed to consider the needs of the audience above all. Sheila worked closely with stakeholders in Brazil, New York, Paris and five small African communities to gather requirements and lead design and development on the project.

Both the website and platform had to be in English and French, with potential to expand to other non-European languages. With many areas of rural Africa still on phone or satellite network Internet access, this project had to be light, backwards-compliant and accessible with extremely low bandwidth and slow connection speeds. Also the project needed to work on feature phones (Nokia, Ericsson, Blackberry, etc.) as well as on smart phones, without users having to fuss with accessing the system with their devices. Both in the creative and technical aspects of the build, this presented a particular and unique challenge – generally in our business the clients want only the latest technology. Our team’s combined and long term experience proved vital. The project was massively successful in the creation of an active radio community in the region and continues to be used on Quora and other forums.

Creation of the Amnesty International website’s segmentation of content around themes and areas of focus.

Custom Booking System and Websites for Australia, Canada and UK

Ministry of Paintball was then the world’s biggest paintball companies, based in Australia (the company was recently sold and stopped trading). SheShe was commissioned to build the booking system for the parent company in Australia to allow users to book their sessions. The business needs were particularly complicated by the range of sessions, services, hiring rates, opening times and more to be factored into the complex system. A second project was to create the websites for Ministry of Paintball when they moved into the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the USA markets. SheShe rebuilt the website, provided a new Drupal CMS and a new backoffice system to manage this expansion as well.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) programme Culture Online assisted community and arts organisations in getting impartial advice and guidance on all things digital.

Sheila Urbanoski, founder of SheShe, was a Consultant and Technical Lead for the delivery of six of these projects across the UK. Most of the projects had a limited shelf life and are no longer online but can be viewed by FOI request to www.gov.uk The projects included websites, mobile apps, writing and blogging initiatives, community activities and outreach, online education and experimental performance projects.

Paul Antonio Scribe Ltd is a studio of calligraphers, hand lettering artisans and graphic designers working with both the traditional and the latest innovations in letterform crafts, tools and techniques.

The original website had an awkward navigation model, a dated look and feel and carried very dense blocks of text. The work produced in the studio, the range of services and classes offered were emphasised and made prominent in the new site. SheShe rewrote content to make it shorter and sweeter. Adding good social linking and the twitter feed with current, timely content like Classes and Events keeps the site fresh. And most importantly we emphasised the beautiful graphic nature of the calligraphy as well as the services the client provides. SheShe created a website and content management system (CMS)  to reflect the beauty of the calligraphy practice, added SEO features rebuilt the system end to end using WordPress as a simple solution for a busy team that was unfamiliar with technology. You can view the www.paulantonioscribe.com website here.

Medical Practice Website and CMS with custom illustrations

Professor Gus Gazzard is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon (Glaucoma and Cataract) based in London. SheShe created a website and content management system to help his patients understand what procedures he performed as well as providing accurate information on treatment implications.

Custom illustrations demonstrate innovative medical practices

The highly technical information of the ocular procedures led to the creation of a custom illustrations to depict the new procedures Professor Gazzard offers. We created a simple design built in an accessible manner that allows the audience, who are often visually impaired and very elderly, to use easily. The medical explanations are presented in a clear manner that provides comfort as well as information for Mr. Gazzard’s patients. You can view the website here: www.gusgazzard.com


schwartzEMEA ‘Flavour Your Way’ campaign for Schwartz Foods.

SheShe consulted on an online programme covering the EMEA (Europe Middle East Asia) markets of the world’s largest spice and flavouring retailer McCormick USA (parent company) and their European brands Schwartz (UK), Ducros (FR), Vahine (FR). Kamis (PL, RU) and Silvo (NL). This included end-to-end new feature builds, optimisation of existing online products, mobile optimisation, relaunch of email campaign and comms processes and targeted content in multiple, localised European languages. in the UK the new Schwartz Flavour Your Way branding was launched with a website refit, and a major marketing campaign through television and print.


new Healthwatch design

Build and launch of the digital programme for Healthwatch England (now CQC) plus white-label software package for English councils.

This large patient-advocacy government agency was meant to lead the way for the 152 regional offices throughout the country.
However, the original Healthwatch website  was not responsive, cluttered, hard to use and not visually appealing. The websites were administered by a difficult content management system (CMS), they were not accessible or WAI compliant and did not work on mobile devices. Sheila worked in-house for this project to address the issues with the Healthwatch digital presence. She assembled an in-house team to completely rewrite the original Healthwatch website content and then SheShe designed, built and implemented a new website build with a Drupal CMS. Once complete, SheShe was commissioned to produced the new design and platform as a white-labelled ‘website in a box’ that was rolled out to to all of the 112 Healthwatch England council partners. This entailed SheShe building out the projects for the Councils, or working with their in house or third party teams to ensure the programme was developed correctly. You can see the Healthwatch National website here

3D Animated Educational film – ‘Agile Fairy Tale’ Animation Commission

The Department for Education commissioned SheShe to produce this charming 3D animation to promote understanding of Agile project management within their offices. It needed to present fairly dry, technical material in an engaging manner and be easy to understand. SheShe produced and managed the delivery of the project based on the DoE’s script. All aspects of production from voice acting to animation was delivered by SheShe with sister company Motion Story on time and on budget. Note that this was delivered accessible-compliant with captions, transcripts and subtitles.

Migration and harmonisation of major digital assets library

The largest online repository of images in the world, Getty Images contracted SheShe to manage the migration and transformation of the assets of a smaller Canadian company that was being brought into the Getty fold. The data management and migration was complicated by the original assets being held in a bilingual, custom platform and a legacy database architecture that made this project a challenge. The two systems were built on completely different platforms and networks that needed to be harmonised. Over 1 million original images with unique associated data such as identification, tracking and descriptive tagging needed to be migrated in a seamless manner without disrupting business as usual at Getty. Sheila worked with the in-house team and third party suppliers to develop automated scripting processes to rework the content into a usable format for the Getty systems. The migration of the library assets were completed on time and handed over for integration to the Getty transformation team in 2015.